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Harry Fairbairn Giffnock

Harry Fairbairn Giffnock BMW Showroom Front
167 Fenwick Road
G46 6JB
Tel:0141 278 7920


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"Sales staff were really helpful from start to finish at Harry fairbairn in Glasgow. Andrew Johnston was our sales advisor and was helpful and we felt really comfortable there! He knew what he was taking about and we felt at ease"

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"I need a new tyre so I called into Kwikfit who quoted me £300 for Dunlop run flat. The same tyre was quoted £349 from BMW. The Dealership wouldn't meet the price and kept saying that was what they were told to charge. Eventually they did match the pr"

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BMW 3 Series Coupe
As if you need another incentive to buy a New BMW.
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The New BMW i3 is now available at Harry Fairbairn. Call today to book your test drive.
Providing a tailored service to companies and businesses in the West Of Scotland.
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Search our current range for your quality Approved Used BMW.