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The New BMW X6

Harry Fairbairn Giffnock

Harry Fairbairn Giffnock BMW Showroom Front
167 Fenwick Road
G46 6JB
Tel:0141 278 7920


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"Brian was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the model we were buying. He made us feel important and kept us advised every step of the way. He was a delight to deal with, I felt he was as pleased and as happy as we were with our purchase."

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"It appeared to me that the scheduled uplift had been forgotten - I eventually 'phoned to establish that my vehicle was in fact going to be uplifted.One of the main items scheduled was not included on the paperwork when the car was returned to me."

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BMW 3 Series Coupe
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All available for Immediate Delivery.
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BMW 7 Series
Providing a tailored service to companies and businesses in the West Of Scotland.