Harry Fairbairn Giffnock
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Harry Fairbairn Giffnock

Harry Fairbairn Giffnock BMW Showroom Front
167 Fenwick Road
G46 6JB
Tel:0141 278 7920


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"Excellent sales approach from David Segal."

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190 ratings
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"It was brilliant, there was only one thing, I got a courtesy car and I signed and got the keys, when I brought it back the girl who I gave the keys back to went out to check it, I thought it should have been checked before I took it away - this is no"

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BMW 3 Series Coupe
As if you need another incentive to buy a New BMW.
Close-up picture showing dashboard controls.
Looking for care free driving? BMW Service Inclusive prices start from £375.
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The New BMW i3 is now available at Harry Fairbairn. Call today to book your test drive.
Providing a tailored service to companies and businesses in the West Of Scotland.